Electric vehicle charging standards differ depending on the region of the world. Within the UAE, the most prevalent charging standards for AC charging is Type 2, while for DC charging the most prevalent standard is CCS Combo Type 2 and CHAdeMO. Each of these have a unique socket, which allows the charging cable to be plugged into the vehicle. These sockets can be differentiated by their design:

Type 2

CCS Combo Type 2


The amount of power supplied to the vehicle while charging is dependent on the battery of the vehicle and the power capacity of the charging station. The public charging network of Dubai mainly comprises of 22kW to 43kW Type 2 AC charge points, 50kW to 150kW CCS Combo Type 2 and CHAdeMO DC charge points.

Approved electrical contractors by DEWA should be used for the installation of any electrical equipment within the Emirate of Dubai, including home charging stations. Home chargers typically range from 3.6kW to 22kW Type 2 AC and require customers to follow the NOC procedures of the local utility. A variety of home charge point suppliers are available within the Emirate of Dubai:

Currently, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology issues conformity certificates for electric vehicle charging and supply equipment systems within the UAE to ensure they meet health and safety requirements. Manufacturers and traders can apply here for this certificate.

The steps to register for this service including the following:

Register on MoIAT website

Apply for a certificate of conformity

Upload the required documents

Pay the fees

Await document review

If the product fulfils all the requirements, the system will notify the client that their certificate was approved

Meet the requirements in Appendix 1

Obtain a certificate of conformity

To register for this service, the following is required:


Valid industry/trade License (for companies within UAE)


Test report/s from recognized laboratory as per the requirement in the applicable standard/s (validity of test report should be less than 3 years)


Distributor ownership (for traders only)


Certification or letter from the local electricity utility such as DEWA, SEWA etc…


Label of the product


Total fees of 3,500 AED

  • 600 AED application fee
  • 2,400 AED document review fee
  • 500 AED certificate fee
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